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Information about the Health Support Service

Our Health Support provides:-
First Aid – to deal with students who are or become unwell and provide necessary medical intervention or return students to lessons/home depending upon their need.

  • Healthy Lifestyles Advice – to provide support for students, staff and parents.
  • Workshops covering a range of issues e.g. Anger Management, Stop Smoking etc.
  • Practical support for learning, educational activities which help develop social skills and help secure the students physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Advice and support with all aspects of Sexual Health.

Kylie Hadaway – Admin Support

My role is to act as Wellbeing Support.  After leaving school I went to college to develop my administrative skills and then worked at a large sports chain before coming to this school where I have worked for 10 years in a variety of support roles.

At the Wellbeing Centre I perform a supportive administrative role which involves meeting all the people who use the service.  I am the “face” of the centre and will usually be the person who greets the clients and who makes sure appointments run smoothly.  I manage the referrals, allocate rooms for activities, liaise with other agencies, organise health campaigns and special activity days which have a health focus.  I ensure complete confidentiality when making any arrangements or appointments for our service.

We have a bank of educational resources which are available for loan to all teachers and students and I keep these resources up to date and in good condition.  Resources can be requested by completing a Wellbeing Centre Resource Request Form.  I can also order leaflets, booklets and information on most subjects, when requested

I believe it is important to keep the Centre peaceful and welcoming and as I am the first person you will see when you visit the Wellbeing Centre and you will always be greeted with a smile! I believe that the Wellbeing Centre is here to make a difference!

Nicky Ison – School Counsellor

I am Nicky and work as a Counsellor in school.  I am warm, friendly and approachable.  I aim to provide a space to build a relationship together which is healing and can help you to feel in a better place.

I am passionate about working with people and how counselling can help you work towards a happier and contented life.  I am inspired by nature and how animals just get on with caring for themselves.  They don’t seem to get bogged down by all the emotional ‘baggage’ that we seem to carry around with us.

I work in a non-judgemental way which means I will not tell you what to think or feel.  I respect your feelings and your coping strategies; they have been important to you and have helped you get through.  Together and in a safe space, we can explore the issues that bring you to counselling.  We work together at your pace.

Bethan Burke – Healthcare Support Worker

I started working in the Wellbeing Centre in April 2014. I work with the Wellbeing Team providing Healthcare Support to students, staff and parents.

After college I studied at the University of Salford gaining a degree in Sports Rehabilitation since then I have been heavily involved in the sports sector of Rugby League. I currently work for a local team and have been lucky enough to work with some great athletes like the New Zealand World Cup team during the Four Nations tournament.

Alongside my sports I have always worked with young people in various roles and I previously worked with younger children in a school in Wakefield. I decided that I wanted to work with older children and this brought me to Batley Girls’!

My role in school includes Lead First Aider; I look after the first aid within school and other health and medical needs of students and staff. I run workshops and provide advice and support in a many areas including smoking cessation, anger and stress management, sexual health and healthy eating. Inevitably, my work will extend to aspects of the curriculum where I will be able to continue to promote health and wellbeing through PSHE, assemblies and Reflection Time. For students who are interested in aspects of health, I can help with education resources for coursework and presentations.

I am a member of the Child Protection team, working with staff colleagues and outside agencies to provide support within the school environment and ensure the safeguarding of students.

I have a base in the Centre and students can make an appointment to see me or come at lunchtime for a less formal “Drop-In” service.

Joanna Seal – Social Worker

My name is Joanna Seal and I am a qualified Social Worker. I am a member of the Child Protection Team based within the Wellbeing Centre and team.  A school based social worker is a new departure and I am excited to be part of this new venture.

I qualified as a Social Worker in 2011 and my first job was in a front line Child Protection Team with Wakefield Local Authority.  We helped to support children and their families and worked with other professionals, such as the school nursing service, education and support services, to provide interventions to vulnerable and families in crisis.

My job at BGHS is to provide support to students, their families and staff by identifying the needs which interfere with their learning.   This work helps students and their families to resolve social, emotional and behavioural issues.  I am the lead CAF worker within school.  This is a process where professionals can identify a student’s needs early and assess those needs holistically, deliver co-ordinated service and review the progress.

I am available to discuss any issues/concerns a student may have at home or in school.    I attend meetings and work with students who are subject to a Child Protection Plan, Child In Need or children who are Looked After by the Local Authority and liaise with the students allocated Social Workers.

My aim is to help bridge school, home and the community to help students be as successful as possible by providing early assistance and intervention to students and their families.  In addition to this my role is to see safe, healthy and socialised young women with a strong sense of identity and who are fully engaged within school.

Child Protection Team

Gillian Hughes – Designated Safeguarding Person
Joanna Seal – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person
Kylie Hadaway
Bethan Burke
Iffat Ahmad
Fiona Parkin
Charlotte Dunkley
Ann McCall

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