Art & Graphics October 2013

Graphic Artist Mike Barrett ( returned again in 2013 to support our students with their coursework and exam projects. Mike is one of our ‘family of artists’ who has worked closely with staff and students to extend their design skills and develop their use of CAD, specifically using Adobe Photoshop. As a result of him returning year on year to the school, Mike’s extensive expertise is being embedded, in his absence, into our day to day teaching and we are finding that these skills can be passed on to students even more effectively.

Last year, he worked with both key stage 4 & 5 Art Graphics students. The GCSE students benefitted from Mike’s creativity and support as they tackled the controlled assessment exam. Each of the students approached the unit in their own way and developed exciting, personal ideas with professional results. Some students innovatively used new media and
technology, such as smartphones and Instagram to capture and begin developing their own imagery.

Mike said “I am always so impressed with the ideas that the students come up with. They think of things that I would never have done. My job is to help them to realise those ideas using the computer”.

Students studying for AS Art Graphics benefitted from Mike’s creativity when beginning their Unit 3. In this unit they had to think of many ideas and come up with their own design situations and briefs – a big ask for anyone, let alone students in year 12. This process was made so much easier with Mike’s help. One student said “I was really confused about what to do before; I couldn’t have come up with my idea without him and now I’m excited about getting started”.

All the hard work really paid off too – GCSE Art Graphics achieved 100% A*- C grades and at A2 100% of students achieved B or C grades. HJS