5th January Update

Dear Batley Girls’ Families and Students,

You will have seen from the message last night that we are now entering a period of national lockdown, where learning will be remote and only vulnerable children or the children of critical workers will be in school. As announced by the Government this will run at least until February half-term and will be reviewed then.

The announcement also explained that exams will now not take place in the summer in the normal way. We are awaiting further details of how assessment will work and we will update students and families as soon as we have more information.

It is vital that all students, in every Year Group from Year 7 to Year 13, continue to fully engage in remote learning in all their subjects. Lessons will still commence at 8.30 every day and students should be logged on and ready to learn from this point. They should then follow their normal timetable of lessons. Our expert staff are working to ensure that all students have a positive and challenging learning experience, which will incorporate a blend of approaches designed to support learning and progress. You can find more information about remote learning here: https://www.batleygirls.co.uk/remote-learning-january-2021/. You will also find here a list of key contacts who can help with any questions you may have.

We know that this is a really challenging situation. However, we are constantly reminded of how amazing our students are. The manner in which they have responded to the experiences of the last year has been incredible. We know that, with the support and encouragement we can all provide, our students will continue to flourish and be the exceptionally talented young women that they truly are.

We will continue to communicate any further updates as we need to and we are really grateful for all your ongoing support. Take care and stay safe.

Our sincere best wishes,

Julie Haigh and David Cooper

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