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KS5 Induction Resources

Induction resources are now available for all Sixth Form subject areas, please view/download the documents that are of interest to you from this page.
For any specific queries please contact the subject lead – details in the information supplied.
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The Sixth Form Curriculum Model

At Batley Girls’ Sixth Form we believe that every one of our students is an individual with special and unique talents. This is why, as part of our Study Programme approach, we offer a comprehensive package of Level 3 qualifications in addition to a wide range of opportunities beyond the curriculum.

Students who commence Sixth Form study at Batley Girls’ at Level 3 choose three qualifications from twenty five different options. They can choose to follow a pure A level or Applied route or choose a mixture of A level and Applied courses. All of our Level 3 students follow a two-year linear course programme before progression to Higher Education, Employment or Apprenticeship opportunities.

In addition, we also offer a Level 2 OCR Technical in Health and Social Care and Mathematics and English Language GCSE re-takes for those students who have not yet achieved a GCSE Grade 4 or higher in an appropriate range of subjects.

Furthermore, we offer a niche Year 14 programme where students are able to continue their studies if they are interested in working in education. All of our Year 14 students complete a Higher Level Teaching Assistant Award (HLTA) in addition to a Chartered Management Association approved Leadership Qualification in partnership with TFL Education.

Please see our Sixth Form Prospectus for further details and a full list of our courses.

The Batley Girls’ Sixth Form Experience

In addition to the curriculum our Sixth Form students follow we also provide a wide range of additional opportunities for all our students to ensure that they can progress to Higher Education, Employment or other relevant opportunities. Some of these are out lined below:

The Enrichment Programme

All of our students participate in an enrichment programme on Wednesday afternoons. Students choose an individual offer from an extensive range of choices which are detailed in our prospectus.

Work Experience

All of our students have an opportunity to complete a two-week work experience block during our “Transformation Fortnight”, which takes place in the July of Year 12. In addition to this all students can choose a work experience option as part of their enrichment offer.

National Citizenship Service (NCS)

NCS is a part-residential experience which offers young people adventure, discovery and social action, with 30 hours committed to a local community project. Young people work in diverse teams of 12 to 15, building skills for work and life, taking on exciting challenges, making new friends, and contributing to their local area. The programme has proven impacts across team working, leadership resilience and wellbeing. For example, 91% of participants feel that NCS gave them a chance to develop skills that would be useful in the future.

All Batley Girls’ Sixth Form students have an opportunity to participate in NCS and we have a dedicated school NCS Officer who ensures that our NCS participants are fully supported.

If you wish to find out more about the NCS Programme, please visit: Alternatively, contact Lindsay Havercroft in school.