Batley Girls’ High School Ethos & Charter


Achievement     Respect     Transformation

Our ethos is one of ACHIEVEMENT, RESPECT and TRANSFORMATION and respect is at the heart of all that we do. Respect for a culture of life-long learning and its power to transform lives is our secret for success. Our school is one where mutual respect, humanity, and a passion for learning prevails. We know that every learner, with their different talents, skills and ambitions, has the potential to excel and we work in partnership with all our young women to help them to realise their dreams and ambitions.


Leadership and governance

  • Maintain single sex provision with non-selective intake of students at KS2-3 transition
  • Value and support the individual and collective needs of all students and provide an education of excellence – maintaining a broad, balanced, creative and appropriately challenging curriculum, catering for the needs of everyone and enabling all to make the very best use of their individual talents and abilities
  • Recognise, encourage and nurture the talents and expertise of all staff to empower them to make a full contribution to the work of the Academy
  • Encourage students to take pride in their membership of the school community and to contribute to the running of the school
  • Provide and maintain a safe, caring and stimulating physical, social and learning environment to reflect the schools whole-hearted commitment to well-being for all
  • Engage with parents, the community and partner schools to improve educational outcomes for all
  • Respect and celebrate humanitarian values and the diversity of the local, national and global communities in which we live
  • Value equally the contribution of all stakeholders to the success of Batley Multi Academy Trust
  • Continue to employ all staff according to national terms and conditions
  • Promote job satisfaction and security and a commitment to on-going professional development for all
  • Work efficiently and effectively within given deadlines, schedules and time frames, in order to reduce stress of other parties
  • Hold colleagues and postholders to account



  • Treat others with respect and dignity at all times
  • Understand your contribution to the aims of the organisation and participate in effective communication and decision making by giving, seeking and receiving relevant information
  • Follow, respect and implement school policies and do not bring the school or the profession into disrepute
  • Model professional courtesy with colleagues, students and parents
  • Give students a genuine fresh start and value restorative practice
  • Be consistent , fair and measured at all times with all members of the school community
  • Be solution focused at all times
  • Opinions are valued and will be listened to when communicated through appropriate channels
  • Engage, include and enthuse.



  • Show respect and courtesy in school at all times
  • Accept and follow agreed rules to create a safe learning environment in our school
  • Aspire to be a good role model for other students and an ambassador for our school
  • Strive to communicate your ideas and make a positive contribution through appropriate channels for example; the student council, SNAG group
  • Share opinions through student voice and in constructive conversations with school staff at appropriate times. Know that you will be listened to when you do this
  • Always respect your learning and the learning of others


  • Share our passion for your daughters education
  • Support the school in adhering to our rules, values and ethos
  • Talk regularly to your daughter about her learning
  • Provide a supportive learning environment at home, giving access to computers where possible and a quiet working space
  • Encourage your daughter to engage with all support and resources available, including after school and Saturday coaching sessions
  • Share your views and opinions and have your voice heard by attending parents’ evenings and contributing to Parents’ Forum
  • Be confident that when communicating with us through the appropriate channels. Trust that you will be listened to
  • Every minute matters in securing good educational outcomes for your daughter. Please ensure she has attendance of at least 97%