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Batley Girls High School home page
Achievement Respect Transformation

'Ask Me Anything' Series

To help develop our student's connections to the real world as part of their holistic development we introduced a series of AMAs (Ask Me Anything). 


Students submit questions to a person in a particular job and the person in that role shares their video responses about their career. Below you can see we have covered a wide range of roles.

Social Media and Journalism

The first in our AMA series is Jemma, she is a digital communications officer, which means her job is to operate the social media accounts of an organisation. She currently works for Leeds Beckett University and used to work as a journalist for MSN.


Will is a stuntman and has worked on several feature films and TV programmes. Here he answers your questions...

Big brands: customer support

Natasha answers your questions about working for big brands such as Google and Uber.


Frances answers your questions on what it is like to be a lawyer, enjoy!

Property Auctioneer

James answers your questions about his job as a property auctioneer.

Software Engineer

Dan and Ellie answer your questions about their career journeys.

Corporate Finance Accountant

Stuart answers your questions on his job as a Corporate Accountant.

Advanced Clinical Pharmacist

Louise answers your questions on her career as an advanced clinical pharmacist.

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