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Batley Girls’ High School -  Support and Guidance Regarding Absence 

If your child feels unwell in the morning, please provide them with appropriate pain relief/medication and send them to school unless they are medically unfit to attend.  If you are uncertain about this you can refer to the NHS website for guidance

Any medication that needs to be taken in school should be handed in to Student Services or our Healthcare Support Worker and can be administered if the appropriate permission is completed. Your child should be in school if they have a minor illness such as a headache, cold, sore throat, or period pain.


If your child is unavoidably absent please call the attendance office on 01924 350094, alternatively you can use the School App to message school/contact us link for attendance from the website. Whichever method you use please inform us by 8.30am and  include the following information: 

  • Full name and Tutor Group of student 
  • Detailed reason for absence, where students are medically unfit to attend there  should be a clear explanation (not just ‘they are unwell’). 
  • The best number to return contact, as we will follow up on any unclear or incomplete messages. 


If this information is not received by 9am, your child will be recorded as having an unauthorised absence. Remember unless informed otherwise by the attendance officer you should contact school on every day of absence.


Please see the graphics below which illustrates the impact of absence from school and our support: 



Batley Girls’ High School - Attend and Achieve - Tiered Support

The government has categorised absence in two broad groups, persistent absentee students (PA)- these are students with less than 90% attendance in school. Also Serious Absence students, these have less than 50% attendance.  There is an expectation that schools will work with parents to improve attendance for any students in danger of persistent absence from school. 

Please do get in touch with any queries or concerns, we wish to support our students and families.

 The link is found on the contact us section or call using the numbers above.  

BGHS Contact Us - Attendance link


Actions to support an improvement in attendance 

No concerns 

Rewards for students. 

Risk of PA 

Contact home. Group tutors to monitor and Achievement Leader to have oversight.  Any support needs identified and actioned where possible.

PA Improver 

Monitoring by Achievement Leader with APSO oversight. Meeting/Contact to ascertain any support needed to improve attendance and punctuality. 

PA Concern 

The cause of students absences are further reviewed and Parents/Carers meet in school to discuss any other support agencies which may help. Action plan agreed. Monitoring by SLT/APSO.  

This may be repeated to outline further actions related to potential prosecution and a Parent Contract will be agreed.  In addition it is possible that an Education Supervision Order is heard in Family Court.  If granted, the order is for 12 months with the option of renewing for an additional 24 months.  The parent will be assigned a Supervising Officer who will oversee the order; and the pupil will be assigned a Befriender who will advise, assist and guide the pupil.

Persistent, Serious Absentee 

Formal meeting to identify any further support, Local Authority presented with evidence following a formal meeting and letter to outline intention to prosecute.   Prosecution is heard in Magistrates’ Court for the offence of knowingly failing to ensure your child’s regular school attendance (s444(1)(a) Education Act 1996).  If found guilty, this carries a penalty of up to £2,500 or up to 3 months imprisonment and you will receive a criminal record.  Additionally, other community orders may be attached.

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