Key Stage 4

Years 9 and 10

We continue the strong foundation of careers CIEG information and guidance that we have established in Key Stage 3.  Our focus becomes more personalised as we identify programmes for individual students.

All students in Key Stage 4 can enjoy the benefits of the Whole School Careers Convention and we also offer the following support:
Careers Programme including MOSAIC Mentoring, Discover Your Future
Business Enterprise from external providers
– Labour Market Information – Identifying personal skills and careers interest

Year 10 students can look forward to assistance with preparation for individual career interviews from Julie Tipper, Careers Adviser.

Julie works particularly closely with Year 10/11 students, making sure that they are aware of all their options and are making informed decisions about their future.

In Year 10, talks to all the tutor groups about the interview process and encourage students to book careers appointments either individually or in small friendship groups. Our aim is to see everyone by the end of year 11. Julie also attend parents’ evenings and actively encourage parents and carers to be involved in their daughter’s future planning.

Appointments cards  are given out in Reflection Time. Appointments can be rearranged if they clash with something vital in lessons. Students can also pop and see Julie at break time, lunch time or during Xtend to book appointments.

Year 11

As students approach their Post-16 future, we intensify our careers programme to ensure that students feel secure and supported.  A more detailed schedule is in place including:
– Overview of all Post-16 options, including further education, vocational courses and apprenticeships
– Support on developing CVs
– Mock Interviews with external partners and Governors
– Invitation to an individual careers guidance interview to discuss students’ future plans
– Support for students making applications for jobs and apprenticeships

UCAS PROGRESS is a useful website which gives you the option to search by institution nationally to see what options are available.