Key Stage 5

Sixth Form Provision

As part of the PSHE period the Sixth Form receive talks by outside speakers on all aspects of University life, preparation for personal statements and UCAS forms, interview skills and all aspects of progression. Each student has access to the Careers Resource Area and can request interviews with the Careers Adviser. The role of the form tutor is also crucial in the Sixth Form. The CEIAG team work with the Head of Sixth Form and the Sixth Form team to ensure students are following the appropriate study programme. Additionally the employability programme is delivered for students who prefer the work based routes such as Apprenticeships.

In Year 13, students will have an opportunity for a Mock Interview; this is in preparation for university interviews and job applications. We have numerous external partners and Governors who are invited for their professional experience with interviews.

There is also an opportunity to visit the whole school Careers Convention in the Autumn term.


This year our Year 12 students have been participating in numerous Masterclasses run by Huddersfield University. These were held in our Sixth Form College and delivered by specialist lecturers from the university. The subjects included Accountancy and Finance, Careers in Chemistry, History, Health and English Language.

These Masterclasses have given students an insight on subject information and entry requirements as well as information on careers progression. All Year 12 students visited Bradford University recently to participate in one of five faculty Masterclasses.  This gave them the additional opportunity to experience a campus visit and to see the latest technology that the university had to offer.

Sixth Form Work Experience

We give all our Year 12 students the opportunity to complete 2 weeks’ work experience at the end of the academic year.  Students gain a deeper knowledge of the subjects and careers they are considering and they will undertake a work experience placement related to their university or career plans. Employability or work-readiness is becoming more and more important to universities and employers. While qualifications remain essential, they are no longer the only consideration. Additionally all Sixth Form students have the opportunity to complete work experience in their study times and during Enrichment time.

By undertaking work experience in relevant sectors, our students can gain a real advantage when applying for university or work. Whilst on work experience, students will be able to talk with, and observe, skilled and qualified people who can give them a better idea of what their job involves. It is an opportunity to network and make contacts.

Students are required to find their own work placements and take personal responsibility for researching their further education and career path. They should consider the type of work they would like to do and how it relates to their future plans, think about any contacts they have and speak with staff in school, to get ideas about which employers to approach.

The school will provide strong guidance and support throughout the process. Students will receive an application form and supporting information.

Transformation Fortnight

Students who do not go out on a placement are offered a comprehensive Careers/Employability programme. This is an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge and improve skills which are needed for the future, the programme consists:
– CV development
– Employer visit
– Support with school events
– Team building exercise
– 1:1 Mock Interview with an Employer

Students will be provided with a portfolio