Change project 2017

Year 8 have been working on a series of small-scale dresses (‘armatures’) which will eventually be illuminated as part of a light sculpture. We’ll experiment with different fabrics, papers and lights and each dress will be completely different so as to express something individual about its maker. Our dress structures are created using wire, then covered with our chosen material. We will be programming BBC Micro:bits to control the light sculpture itself. During this process we’ll be exploring the change from light to dark and our ability to control the intensity of light, as well as learning how computers interface with components. We will also learn about voltages and resistance, and how to solder wires onto LEDs. Finally we’ll assemble and test-run the sculpture to see what adjustments are needed to make it ready for the exhibition.

Student comments so far:

“I have learnt how to cut wire and also how to program the Microbit. I found sculpting with wire was hard. My hands are hurting a lot!”

“Today I soldered a LED light and programmed a Micro:bit”

“I am pleased my wire model stands up but found cutting and shaping the wire very difficult” for more information