Co-Heads’ Blog: 15 October 2019

Hello again,

We can hardly believe it’s almost half-term already, and so much has happened in the past few weeks.

We have recently made a delivery to Batley Food Bank as we know it depends on our continued support, so thank you very much to everyone for all your contributions.

In early October, our Year 13 Biologists and Applied Science students carried out a succession study in Malham. This involved observing the natural habitat and measuring different factors such as temperature and light intensity, to see how these affected plant distribution. We believe that gaining experience in a real-world environment is vital to encourage students’ passion for their subjects.

Our Careers Convention took place this week, which involved staff from 20 universities and 15 different workplaces coming to the school to talk to the students of all ages and their parents about their opportunities for the future. We have relationships with a range of organisations including universities from Newcastle to Falmouth, as well as colleges, apprenticeship and a wide range of training providers. There was a lot for the students to explore and consider.

Next week as half-term approaches the school will be represented at the NECE Conference in Glasgow with three students. The event is a knowledge hub and platform for cooperation and exchange, including countries from across Europe. This is a really exciting opportunity for the school and students to be a part of something truly unforgettable, and we are honoured to attend as well as be contributing to the event.

Have a happy and restful half term, we look forward to welcoming you back in November.