*** June 2019 update – You can now use the app to communicate with school to get important messages to us at your convenience.  Please install the App, and then follow the instructions here. ***

Link to the iOS App:

Link to the Android App:

We have been sending SMS (text) messages to parents and carers for years, often for snow days, reminders about important events etc.  This costs the school money which could be better spent in other areas of education.  We are looking to improve on this, but need your help.

Batley Girls’ High School has just signed up to a new communication system to significantly improve the communication between school and home.  This service is provided by Groupcall.  Though the system can still use SMS (text) messages, we also now have an app available.  Please visit the site below for all the information you’ll need to get up and running.  It tells you how to download the app how to get registered, and also provides any other information you may need.  The system does depend on school having an up to date primary contact mobile number (the one we would use in an emergency) and email address, so if you need to provide these to school, please contact

See the Groupcall website here or click on the image on the right (or here) for more information.

We will provide further information once parents/carers are showing as registered and active on the system.

The app is free for you (and only a small install size), and free for us to send messages, meaning we can send information more regularly.  In the future, we may only use the app for communication and stop sending SMS messages.  Please do not be left out of the loop, get the app and ensure your details are up to date.

Thank you.