East Meets West: Peace and Harmony

BGHS East Meets West Peace And Harmony

Batley Girls’ High School held its annual ‘East meets West’ event in December. The theme was ‘PEACE and HARMONY’. Never has there been a more poignant time to consider the power of PEACE and the need for HARMONY. Here at Batley Girls’ High School, respect is manifested in how we treat each other and respond to the challenges/plights faced by fellow human beings, and we know that how we interact with our neighbours, be it locally or globally, makes us who we are. When the world sometimes seems to have gone mad and is difficult to understand, we as a community, as a school of sanctuary, stand together, showing respect to all and demonstrating how to live in PEACE and HARMONY. The evening provided us all with an opportunity to take time out of our hectic lives to consider and reflect upon what is important, and nothing could be more important than PEACE and HARMONY.

Year 7 students showcased the work they had undertaken in their Humanities and Languages lessons, linked to sanctuary in an imaginative and thought provoking exhibition.


Our school community has already identified how we can reach out to others and make real connections, by identifying three different charities that they wish to support this year:

  • Local charities = Martin House Hospice & Winter Hampers
  • National charity = NSPCC
  • International charity = Oxfam

Guests were invited to circulate around the many stalls where gifts could be purchased and donations made to support the work of these charities.

Our actions are driven by humanitarian values of compassion and empathy and our desire to make this world a better place for all – the very same values that are taught, promoted and shared across all the major world religions. This common thread defines us as a community, it epitomises our Respect agenda and gives us cause to celebrate.

The formal part of the evening explored the theme of PEACE and HARMONY through story-telling, poetry, drama and music. It was a very moving event and suffice to say, there was not a dry eye in the house.

We couldn’t fail to be impressed with the contributions of our students Courtney Haigh, Adisa Pudic, Ellie Balopi, Fattouma Ben Abdallah, Juwairiyyah Patel, Zahrah Mulla, Khadija Sharlala and Sophie Clark, and also all of the members of Year 7 who took part.


And a huge thank you goes to our special guests, the Reverend Lesley Mattacks, Emily Ntshangase-Wood and Iram Hussain as well as to all the staff and students who helped to make this the best ‘East meets West’ ever!

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