Imagineering: Exploring the limits of Science

There are many lunch time and after school clubs running in the school for students to participate in and have fun. Similarly, we have an Imagineering club for students to come and join with their friends.

Every Friday at lunch in Room 6, Mrs. Ainley and Mrs. Milnes run Imagineering with the help of sixth-form students.

This club is not only fun to join but also helps you get a chance to make real life models, this will help you learn and practice new skills.

Recently some Year 7 students have been making their individual models of a mechanical walking duck using the equipment and tools provided. So far they have all been enjoying the sessions and here are some of the exclusive pictures from the club.

STEM: Imagineering year 7 Student Quotes:

  • “Its fun and its creative and helps me get an idea of how building models work.” Leena and Aamirah
  • “It’s a really good way to spend your lunch time. Its my first time and I’m loving it.” Muskan“
  • “Its really fun and helps you improve your skills.” Zainab
  • “Its good and the sixth-formers help was really fun and helpful.” Zahra and Saarah

YOU can be a part of this too, just come along every Friday at lunch in room 6 and become a junior engineer! What are you waiting for?

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