How accessible is your environment?

9.    How accessible is your environment?

Do you have access for wheelchair users?
Access is available to the ground floor areas, sometimes via external routes.  Where possible we make reasonable adjustments, such as changes to teaching rooms for students who are unable to access the upper floors.

Do you make adjustments to the auditory and visual environment?
Provision is made for students with visual impairment in the form of iPads, relevant apps, enlarged text and changes to font and background.

Loops are available in some areas of the school for HI students and visitors.

Do you have disabled facilities?
The school has a toilet for the disabled. 

We have a number of designated disabled parking spaces.

How do you communicate with those whose first language is not English or who use alternative communication methods other than the spoken word?
We have a team of people who can speak a range of languages from the Asian subcontinent.  We also have a designated translator. We liaise closely with the LA should alternative translation services be required.

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