How Will School Know If Extra Help is Needed?

1. How will Batley Girls’ High School know if my child needs extra help?

What should I do if I think my child may have Special Educational Needs?

Speak to Emma Hodgson, the SEND Co-ordinator at Batley Girls’ High School. 

How does Batley Girls’ High School identify those with SEN or a disability (SEND)?

We work closely with:

  • Staff who are involved on a regular basis with our students
  • Specialist professionals to identify specific needs individual students may have.
  • Assessment data

We establish a holistic picture of our individual students

How will I be able to raise any concerns I have?

You can contact the school at any time and make arrangements to meet with or speak to the Pastoral Managers alternatively you may wish to speak to or meet with the SENco

How will Batley Girls’ High School respond to my concerns?

Our response will depend upon the issue you raise.  We will listen carefully to your concerns and then we can decide on the way forward.  This might mean that we need to consult with other professional services.

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