Leadership Team

Julie Haigh

Julie Haigh, Co-Head at Batley Girls’ High SchoolI am Julie Haigh, Co-Head at Batley Girls’ High School. I joined the school 18 years ago after working as a school leader in secondary schools in both London and Leeds. Throughout my teaching career my driving force has been an absolute commitment to raising standards of achievement so that all young people have the very best possible life chances. I lead Parents’ Forum and also chair a charitable community arts organisation that works with parents, our family of schools and community groups. Engaging with parents and the wider community is vital to our success. From 2004 onwards, I have led on our Specialist Status initiative with the central aim to improve our students’ educational progress and outcomes in all subjects. I work closely with both our English and Maths teams and have linked to Science to support them in raising standards. During the past 10 years, we have achieved an excellent upward trend in regard to exam results and progress in all year groups. However, equally important, is our exemplary care for the ‘whole person’. Striking this balance between academic success and personal development is what makes us ‘Outstanding’. We have used our specialism highly effectively to secure this. Last year, yet again, the school had the best Value Added score for all Kirklees secondary schools.


David Cooper

David Cooper: Deputy Head at Batley Girls’ High SchoolMy name is David Cooper and I am Co-Head at Batley Girls’ High School. I’ve been in the teaching profession for 17 years and have worked in a number of roles in the school before taking up my current position in September 2014. I have been in charge of the 6th form since 2007 and prior to that I was Curriculum Leader for the Social Sciences Faculty. During this time the 6th form has grown significantly and I am so proud of our students’ achievements. We are at an exciting stage in the school’s development and I am delighted to be involved in helping to shape our ethos and values. I firmly believe that we are privileged to work in education and that it is our job to ensure that everyone of our students has every possible opportunity to achieve their potential and secure happy, successful futures.


Gillian Hughes

Gillian Hughes: Deputy Head at Batley Girls’ High SchoolI am Gillian Hughes and am Deputy Head at Batley Girls’ High School. I started teaching in 1986 and moved to Batley Girls’ High School in 1991. Whilst at Batley Girls’ I have had the opportunity to work with many of the pastoral and curriculum teams and have held leadership positions in both of these areas. I believe, as we all do, that Batley Girls’ High School is a very special place and I feel tremendously privileged to work with such committed and focussed students and staff. My current role as Respect Deputy has at its heart the responsibility for ensuring that all students receive the support they need to become the successful women of the future. I line manage the Wellbeing Team, the SENCo and Learner Support Team, the Learning Mentors and the Pastoral Managers. I firmly believe that students achieve when they feel safe, have boundaries and are always treated fairly and with respect. What drives me is a total commitment to ensuring every student has the opportunity to be the best they can possibly be.


Debbie Goddard

Debbie Early: Deputy Head Teaching and LearningInspiring students is integral to ensuring their success and encourages them to fulfil their potential. My role as Deputy Head Teaching and Learning is to inspire students to accomplish beyond their expectations and to foster a motivation that stays with them throughout their lives. My name is Debbie Goddard and working at Batley Girls’ High School has allowed me to develop in a school that shares the same ethos and values as me. I have worked here for 18 years; beginning my role as a full time P.E. teacher and developing through the roles of 6th Form Pastoral lead, Faculty Curriculum lead, and Assistant Head, to my current role now. As role models for our students and colleagues we need to connect on multiple levels, be committed yet disciplined in our approach and work alongside students, teaching and associate staff, to continue to build on our growing success. In our school we model how to treat others and I firmly believe that we all have something of value to contribute.


Helen Sheldrake

Helen Sheldrake : Assistant Head: Achievement and English Lead at Batley Girls’ High SchoolMy name is Helen Sheldrake and I am Deputy Head: Achievement and English Lead at Batley Girls’ High School. I have been in the teaching profession for 11 years and feel very fortunate to have begun my teaching career here. My career trajectory has been unusual to say the least and has encompassed a variety of roles both whole school and within the English department. I am testament to the school’s unique belief in ‘growing our own’. My teaching philosophy mirrors the ethos at the centre of this school: Achievement, Respect and Transformation. I believe in, and have a real commitment to, the principles of comprehensive education. My dedication to the development of every child, the department, the school and the wider community remains at the centre of my vision for the future.


Emma Rodrigues

Emma Rodrigues : Assistant Head at Batley Girls’ High SchoolMy name is Emma Rodrigues and I am Assistant Head at Batley Girls’ High School. I have been in the teaching profession for 21 years. In fact I started my teaching career here as a newly qualified teacher and have never left, as I find this school such a rewarding, stimulating and enjoyable place to work. In this time I have worked in a number of roles within the school in terms of both curriculum development and cultural opportunities. Since 2009 I have been in charge of the training of student teachers, working with numerous universities and Higher Education providers to ensure that the future generation of teachers is the best we can possibly have. At present I am the Co-ordinator for The Yorkshire Rose Teaching Alliance, which comprises a number of local secondary and primary schools who select and train up teachers in a range of subject areas and ages. This is part of the national School Direct initiative which has seen a significant change in the way that teachers are trained. I firmly believe that this is the future for ensuring that students are taught by outstanding teachers, both within this school and also our partnership schools. Working with trainee teachers continues to be a thought provoking, at times challenging, but always worthwhile part of my role.


Hayley Taylor

Hayley Taylor, Assistant Head – Achievement (Mathematics)I am Hayley Taylor, Assistant Head: Achievement and Curriculum Lead for Mathematics at Batley Girls’ High School. I have been at Batley Girls’ High School since 1995 and throughout my years at BGHS I have been fortunate enough to take on a variety of different roles, giving me a wide wealth of experiences. I have line managed our Learning Mentor Team and Gifted and Talented Lead for several years, and this has given me insight into the instrumental and essential work of our associate colleagues. Being Teacher Governor at BGHS for four years, I am aware of some of the wider issues involved in creating a successful school and the challenges ahead. When I was seconded to the UFA my role involved working with various schools around Kirklees, providing courses and training on revision techniques, study skills and optimal learning strategies. I currently oversee the Year 8 into Year 9 Options pathway process and I am Year 11 Intervention Lead. Now as an SLE with the NPQSL I continue to passionately enjoy my roles within a school where we cater for the whole child and never give up on anyone.


Gareth Goddard

I have worked as a teacher at Batley Girls’ High since 2003 and started out as a teacher of RE. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to take on pastoral and curriculum leadership roles, as well as serving as a staff representative on the Board of Governors from 2011 -2017. My current role as Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour and Attendance, gives me the opportunity to work on maintaining our high standards of behaviour and to help create a school where all students feel safe, happy and want to attend. I am also keen to continue to develop strong channels of communication with parents, to ensure that they are fully aware of their daughters’ progress throughout her school career. I am committed to making this school the best it can be and believe that Batley Girls’ High School is a very special place that we all should be proud of.


Mark Limbert

I am Assistant Head responsible for Facilities at Batley Girls’ High School. I began my career in education in 2007 when I joined BGHS as Network Manager. Coming from a background of IT support in the private sector, I had to get up to speed with systems, procedures, staff and students very quickly. I joined the Governing Body at BGHS in 2011 when the BSF process was underway, and I felt I needed to be well placed to help achieve the best outcomes for the school and all its stakeholders. Several years ago, I took on the management of the site team and facilities at the school, meaning I have an excellent overview of whole school operations from almost every aspect. Second only to payroll, I am responsible for the largest budget spends in school across Premises and ICT, and have managed projects totalling over £3m in the last few years. I joined the SLT in 2017, and have since been working increasingly across the MAT. My aim is to ensure that all stakeholders have the spaces and equipment they need to ensure the best outcomes for all.


Alan Brown

My name is Alan Brown and I am the Finance Director at Batley Girls’ High School. I was appointed to my role during the 2017 summer term, after spending almost 9 years working as a Finance Director in a large local authority maintained school in Leeds.
Prior to working in schools, I spent many years working in a local authority education finance team in an advisory capacity to the schools in the area, providing financial advice and guidance, as well as training on budgeting and financial controls. I led on external funding, managing the financial aspects of the European funding programmes (ESF and ERDF), as well as the Standards Fund grants. I also provided advice and guidance on external funding bids by schools to the many funding providers that I identified.
I thoroughly enjoy being involved with and contributing to the day to day aspects of working in a school and I am looking forward to being part of the school’s development moving forward.