Student Voice / Council

Student Voice / Council

There are two easy ways for our Students to get involved in decision-making and make a difference to the School: Student Voice is available 24/7 on Moodle or they can contact the Student Council, through their tutor group representatives.

Student Voice

Over the last two years we have seen changes to uniform, catering, social spaces and activities offered. This has been mainly down to the comments raised in Student Voice by Students. Contributions so far include requests, opinions and thanks.

“It is very important for our students to have a voice and more importantly for them to be listened to.
We want our students at Batley Girls’ High School to know that we take them seriously and where possible, we act upon their suggestions”. Debbie Early, Assistant Head teacher.

Students can use their Student Voice on Moodle in open student discussion or a private comment. All received within this area goes directly to the Senior Leadership Team. All students are given a formal acknowledgement of their comment being received and feedback on the outcome.

Student Council

At Batley Girls’ High School, we have a very dedicated student council team. It consists of members across year groups 7-11 and each member has their own role and responsibility. The main role of the student council is to represent the students and work to effect changes that the students feel could be made.

The Student Council has been responsible for procuring new picnic benches, holding assemblies that raised awareness for Active Citizenship in school, raised funds for the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan and focussed our minds on education for all during ‘Malala’ day. The council is also responsible for distributing and displaying the ‘Gift tags’ that adorn the Christmas trees in school. Each tag displays an individual promise of kindness from every student in school.