Exciting guest speaker at the Batley Girls’ Summer Art Exhibition, Reward Ceremony and Alumnae Event

BBC The Big Painting Challenge is required watching in the Art and Design Department so we are excited to announce that the 2017 Winner  Suman Kaur, is this year’s guest prizegiver. Everybody is welcome to attend this event to hear Suman and to see the newly displayed artwork around school and talk to the artists. Year 11s and 13s are especially invited to bring their friends and family.


Visiting artist inspired GCSE and A level Photography students to work with light to create interesting shadows and create these dramatic images.

Mixing it up! Year 10 sketchbooks

Lots of LAYERS on show in the mixed media work done by Mrs Chamber’s new year 10 GCSE Fine Art class. These front covers really wet the appetite for what’s going on inside the covers…… ….great work inspired by contemporary art.

Free Art workshops!

Many galleries and colleges have workshops and clubs aimed at 11-18 year olds. They are often free and a lot of fun. Here are some opportunities that have come to our attention for the summer term: Bradford College Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield. Work with animator Sheryl Jenkins to create a short animated film that you can take home at the end of the day. Showreel selection from Sheryl Jenkins on Vimeo. If you want information about any of the workshops, please see your Art Teacher.

Leeds University Visit for Year 12 Art students

On Tuesday 1 March, twelve Year 12 students set off to the University of Leeds to discover what life at a university is really like and what to expect from Further Education. They had the opportunity to speak to current students, meet the Head of the course and the Head of the university, explore the studio spaces, tour the campus and sample food from the vast canteen. In the afternoon the students began making some of their own artwork and the Head of the course, along with the university students, offered a group critique. Themes of Art’s place in society and who an artist really is, amongst other philosophical issues, were discussed. The students had a brilliant time and really felt enlightened by the visit. Some were already planning their application by the time they left.

Sixth-form Open Evening Jan 2016

Thanks to the year 12 Photography students for their images capturing the fun at the sixth-form Open Evening. Can you spot which famous artists have inspired the props?

Art Blog: I can’t draw!

Every student (and teacher) at some point doubts their ability to draw accurately. It will not be something that happens by magic, it is all down to practice. However, there are a vast amount of materials and techniques you can use to help you to learn how to put down marks while responding to what you are looking at or communicate an idea from your imagination. I will be posting examples of exercises we have used in school but the following link suggests some drawing tasks for you to try Please show us your drawings or ask your Art or DT teacher for more information or different drawing tasks to help you improve.

Virtual Art Gallery Videos

This playlist is a set of videos that take you around some of the work that has been on our walls and display boards since July 2015.

Art Blog, Big Draw 2015 at BGHS

The Big Draw is a national event that takes place through the month of October each year in many different venues.  The Big Draw is the world’s biggest drawing festival with thousands of drawing activities connecting people of all ages with many different spaces.  The Big Draw is for anyone who loves to draw, as well as those who think they can’t! During October, each person in the school was given a Big Draw template to fill in to show visually what makes them unique.  We have delighted in viewing all the designs, some with photos collaged, knitting, cut into shapes, as well as fabulous original and personal drawings – thank you to everyone who contributed!  The artworks can be viewed in the Art corridor as you come out of the hall. Download and have a go with our template. Read more about The Big Draw organisation.

Art Blog, BGHS 2015 Gallery: 6. Fine Art tour of the rest of school

With around 100 students taking Fine Art GCSE each year, our exhibition of GCSE Fine Art work tends to find it’s way around most of the school. We hope you enjoy exploring the artwork through the Design Technology corridor, the glass corridor, Languages, Sociology, and in the Maths corridor. The work adds character to our walls, serves as inspiration to the younger students, and as a reminder to us all of how rewarding all the hard work really is each year!