Big Draw

Art Blog: I can’t draw!

Every student (and teacher) at some point doubts their ability to draw accurately. It will not be something that happens by magic, it is all down to practice. However, there are a vast amount of materials and techniques you can use to help you to learn how to put down marks while responding to what you are looking at or communicate an idea from your imagination. I will be posting examples of exercises we have used in school but the following link suggests some drawing tasks for you to try Please show us your drawings or ask your Art or DT teacher for more information or different drawing tasks to help you improve.

Art Blog, Big Draw 2015 at BGHS

The Big Draw is a national event that takes place through the month of October each year in many different venues.  The Big Draw is the world’s biggest drawing festival with thousands of drawing activities connecting people of all ages with many different spaces.  The Big Draw is for anyone who loves to draw, as well as those who think they can’t! During October, each person in the school was given a Big Draw template to fill in to show visually what makes them unique.  We have delighted in viewing all the designs, some with photos collaged, knitting, cut into shapes, as well as fabulous original and personal drawings – thank you to everyone who contributed!  The artworks can be viewed in the Art corridor as you come out of the hall. Download and have a go with our template. Read more about The Big Draw organisation.