Our Mission Statement:
"The Wellbeing Service is here to make a difference; a safe and healthy person is a successful person."

This is a unique flagship service which integrates multi-agency support for the school community.

We have a Wellbeing Centre which has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a team of professional staff who share a range of different skills and experience.  We are able to offer support to meet the health and wellbeing needs of the school community.

Everyone is treated with privacy and confidentiality, unless there is a risk of significant harm.

Health education is a priority and we have resources to support the Healthy School s and curriculum programmes.

Wellbeing is how we think and feel about ourselves, our lives and experiences.    Positive mental, emotional and physical health will impact on the quality of all our relationships, our ability to achieve our full potential at school and work and the contributions we are able to make to our communities.

Several years ago the school decided to invest a significant sum into creating a Wellbeing Centre. The point is that if life problems are barriers to learning they need addressing –and by experts, not willing amateurs. Our Assistant Head for Wellbeing lead the initiative and it was judged as ‘outstanding ‘ practice by Ofsted in 2011.

Many other schools have come to look at our innovative practice but we remain much the best-staffed onsite wellbeing centre in the region as described by an Investors in People assessor:

“Another of the forward thinking ways that the school has boosted pastoral support is through wellbeing.  There is a Wellbeing Centre available to students and staff. This offers support from information, advice and guidance to one:one counselling.  Staff have been able to raise awareness of what wellbeing means and now this is modelled to students.
The school has invested in dedicated Counsellors and Wellbeing staff”
(a nurse, a secretary, an emotional health worker, and now a social worker Oct 2013)”

 “The Wellbeing Centre has really had a major impact on the staff and students, this school cares, it’s not all about learning!”

In October 2013 another set of Ofsted inspectors said
“The ‘well-being’ centre ensures that those students who are most vulnerable feel safe and can talk their issues through.”.

Simple steps

A few simple steps can make a real difference in achieving a happy and healthy life now and in the future.  These include:

  • Forming and maintaining positive relationships
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Engaging  in an appropriate and good level of physical activity
  • Managing your work-life balance
  • Taking time to relax and understand how to manage stress
  • Ensuring enough sleep
  • Recognising when help and support is needed and how to access it
  • Learning about and practising safe behaviour
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