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Every Opportunity for Excellence

2. How will Batley Girls’ High School support my child with SEND?

Who will oversee and plan my child’s education programme?


This depends upon your child’s level of need.  All our staff employ quality first teaching strategies to involve every student and to ensure that progress is made. Where students do not make the necessary progress, the SENDCo will work closely with other key colleagues to plan and oversee further individualised interventions.


Who will work with my child and how often?


That is dependent upon the area of intervention which is required by your child.  Our school has a wide range of pastoral and learning support personnel who are able to deliver personalised intervention packages.


What will be their roles?


Staff that support learners at Batley Girls’ High school have a range of varied roles, these could range from:


  • supporting your child in the classroom.
  • working in small focus groups.
  • highly individualised and 1:1 support.


Who will explain this to me?


Members of the teaching staff at parents’ evenings, the SENDCo and any other relevant staff involved in supporting your child’s education.


How are the governors or trustees involved?


Our school governor for SEND is Mrs Jean May.


Will my child have consistent support from staff known to them?


Again, this will depend upon the nature of your child’s need. We match the skills of our support team with the need of the individual student to ensure continued progression and success.  Where possible we keep personnel consistent, monitoring carefully the effectiveness of the support and the relationships formed between staff and students.


Will staff be given time to plan and prepare materials, activities and lessons to enable my child to access the curriculum?


All teaching staff at Batley Girls’ High School are given time to plan, prepare and review lessons. How will Batley Girls’ High School know how effective their arrangements for children with SEND are? We regularly collect and analyse data which indicates where intervention and support is needed with individual students in the classroom. We also monitor behaviour and students’ attitude to themselves as learners, to help support emotional wellbeing.

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