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Every Opportunity for Excellence
Batley Girls High School home page
Every Opportunity for Excellence

6. What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the setting, school or college?

Do you have any specialist staff and what are their qualifications?


All members of the SEND team take part in regular training and development activities to ensure that their knowledge is current and that good practice is shared. We also have staff who are trained in the primary phase and work with students who have SEND.


What other services do you access, including health, therapy and social care services, to meet the needs of young people and support families?


We access a range of services dependent on the needs of our students. These include:


  • The Psychology Service
  • Speech & Language Service
  • Physical Impairment Outreach
  • Visual Impairment Outreach
  • Hearing Impairment Outreach
  • Physiotherapy Services
  • Occupational Health Services


What are the contact details of support services for parents of pupils with SEND, including arrangements made in accordance with Clause 32?


Contact details of Specialist Support Services are available on the Kirklees website.
This can be found at: Kirklees Local Offer


What is the Local Offer?


What is the Kirklees Local Offer?


The Local Offer has been developed as part of the new Children and Families Act. It aims to provide information on education, health and social care provision available for disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs, in a way that can be accessed quickly and easily.


Who is producing the Local Offer?


Kirklees Council is working with parents, carers, young people, schools, colleges, early years providers and health services to produce the Local Offer.


What information do schools provide?


Schools have a duty to provide information about special educational needs that is accessible to pupils, parents and carers. We need to make sure this information is kept up to date.


Where can I find the Local Offer?


The Kirklees Local Offer can be found here


This is a work in progress. Kirklees Council and partners are working hard to create a Local Offer that includes links to all relevant information that Kirklees residents would find useful. If you have any suggestions for improvements or ideas about what might help you, contact:

Click here for more information

For any questions or more information

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