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Every Opportunity for Excellence
Batley Girls High School home page
Every Opportunity for Excellence

Holistic Development

Holistic development is driven by our vision Every Opportunity for Excellence. We strive to provide opportunities across these five characteristics;  connecting, community, character, collaboration and creativity – these '5 Cs' underpin the culture of our school and every student's daily school life including the reward system. 

A good education prepares students for their future lives in countless ways - academic, cultural, spiritual, moral, social and physical. Our holistic development goes beyond the national curriculum. It offers unique learning experiences which provide students with enriched cultural capital in a variety of contexts. By offering a varied and diverse set of experiences, we help to prepare students for the culturally diverse nature of the society in which we live. 


We ensure students are resilient, compassionate and self-regulated learners, both to themselves and within any other cultural context. Through our holistic curriculum we intend to ensure that students develop the key skills to feel motivated in the face of adversity and confident to take on any challenge. Our holistic curriculum is intended to raise the aspirations of our learners and ensure secure economic futures. Fostering a sense of personal ambition and aspiration for all our students underpins our curriculum delivery. Our holistic development weaves through all our curriculum areas and stretches to exciting opportunities that our students will have access to beyond regular learning such as in joining Girl Guides or our fantastic Student Leadership Team, the exciting trips that they are invited to and bespoke learning conferences aimed at responding to the needs of individuals and groups. 


We are also proud to announce we have attained the Artsmark Gold Award. This accolade works to empower children and young people through arts and culture, giving them the opportunity to explore and fulfil their potential in a future that we are all making together. We champion and are committed to the vital role that the arts play in young people’s lives through creativity and wellbeing. We lead on The Change project, which sets out to bring high-quality Visual Arts projects to the schools in Batley and Birstall. In 2015, we introduced science to the project, challenging our schools to combine art and science in an innovative way which results in astonishing artistic outcomes.

If you would like to know more about or discuss our holistic development, please contact Katie Spence.

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