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Every Opportunity for Excellence
Batley Girls High School home page
Every Opportunity for Excellence

Introduction to our curriculum and the key characteristics

Our vision

Every Opportunity for Excellence - celebrates achievement in every way.

We believe that each individual student is uniquely talented. We enable our young people to explore their talents to allow them to flourish and become confident young adults who are able to make the most of their opportunities.


At Batley Girls’ High School, students are the key stakeholders. Our curriculum enables students to make sustained progress and achieve excellent outcomes, to feel empowered and to have ownership of their learning experience. We have a 5 year curriculum (7 years for students who progress on into bg6 for sixth form studies) which delivers the powerful knowledge, skills and experiences that young people need to become successful and confident citizens. We have a deep commitment to educating the whole person and understand that a happy and safe environment will lead to confident and enhanced learning.

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum model is ambitious, throughout all the key stages and designed to give all students, particularly the most disadvantaged and those with SEND, the knowledge and skills to build their cultural understanding and capital to succeed in life. It also addresses the right for equal access to appropriate courses and facilities to secure skills for future learning and employment. The curriculum places a significant emphasis on numeracy and literacy, particularly reading, oracy and vocabulary, across all subject areas.


Planning is personalised, in both content and pedagogy, coherent and logical in sequence and builds on prior knowledge and skills. The approach is focused on enabling our students to develop the deep and sustained powerful knowledge they need to become active and successful citizens. It promotes deep thinking, autonomy and independence and ensures that gaps in students’ knowledge and skills are actively addressed. Memory retrieval practices are embedded so students ‘Know more, remember more and do more’. Metacognition and interleaving in lessons is planned. We recognise the value of a wide range of courses, beyond those that count in current accountability measures. 


We provide a holistic curriculum which facilitates opportunities for all our students to participate in a wide range of enriching activities to help build confidence, self-esteem, communication and resilience. Positive attitudes to learning reflect a lifelong love of learning. Fostering a sense of personal ambition and aspiration for all our students underpins our curriculum delivery. 


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Extensive and personalised careers work commences in Year 7 . We are committed to providing a rich and varied series of career opportunities which support and extend curriculum learning. 


This is a curriculum in which British and humanitarian values are embedded and enable every student to become well informed and active citizens of the school and community.

If there’s anything else you would like to find out or discuss about our curriculum, please contact Debbie Goddard, Deputy Head (Quality of Education) or Amy Wilby, Assistant Head (Curriculum). 

For our Curriculum Policy please visit our Policies page.

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Trust Adress

  • Batley Girls’ High School
  • Windmill Lane, Batley
  • WF17 0LD
  • Batley Girls’ High School is part of Batley Multi Academy Trust, company number 07732537, a Company incorporated as private limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales and an exempt Charity. Registered Office Blenheim Drive, Batley, WF17 0BJ.