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Absence and Attendance

We place high value on regular attendance and its importance for your daughter’s learning.


However, we understand that the situation with Covid-19 has impacted our expectations regarding absence and attendance and we appreciate that, right now, there are rules in places which encourage absence in specific circumstances.


Parent/Carer Guidance: Absence Reporting Procedure
If you are unsure about whether your daughter is well enough to attend school, please send her in (unless she has symptoms associated with Covid-19) and contact her Pastoral Manager. We have qualified first aiders in school who will monitor her and contact you if she needs to be sent home.


If your daughter is not attending school:
Please call 01924 350094 to leave a message on our Absence Line as soon as possible, but before 9am.


When leaving a message please make sure that you include the following information:

  • Full name and tutor group of the student
  • Detailed reason for absence (if they cannot attend due to severe weather conditions, please make this clear in your message)
  • The best number to contact you on, in case we need to clarify any details, as sometimes messages are difficult to hear due to background noise or poor quality connections


Before 10am we send Truancy text messages to parents/carers of any absent students that we have not heard from. If you receive one of these and you have already reported an absence, we advise that you call the school as there may have been a technical issue with retrieving or listening to your message on the Absence Line.


Please note that it is vital that you contact school EVERY day that your daughter is off school (although there may be exceptional cases, such as hospital stays, when this is not required).


Alternatively, absence can be reported quickly and easily by using the school’s My Child at School App. This can be downloaded by scanning the relevant QR code below, or you can find further information below.


Legal sanctions linked to attendance:
Schools can fine parents (each parent and for each child) for the unauthorised absence of their child from school, where the child is of compulsory school age. If parents are issued with a penalty notice, they must pay £60 within 21 days or £120 within 28 days. The payment must be made directly to the local authority. The decision on whether or not to issue a penalty notice ultimately rests with the Co- Heads/Headteacher, following the local authority’s code of conduct for issuing penalty notices. This may take into account:


  • A number of unauthorised absences occurring within a rolling academic year
  • One-off instances of irregular attendance, such as holidays taken in term time without
    permission, or when a term-time holiday exceeds the agreed length
  • Where an excluded student is found in a public place during school hours without a justifiable reason


If the payment has not been made after 28 days, the local authority can decide whether to prosecute the parent or withdraw the notice.


N.B. If two Penalty Notices have been issued to you on two separate occasions for term time holidays taken in the previous 2 years, another unauthorised holiday could lead to fast-track legal proceedings at the Magistrates. If you are convicted, you could be fined up to £1000 and you will get a criminal record.

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