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Every Opportunity for Excellence
Batley Girls High School home page
Every Opportunity for Excellence

What does Achievement mean to me?

Working to the best of your ability and being rewarded for the effort you put into it. It also means setting goals to work towards and working hard to accomplish that goal. 

BGHS helps us by motivating us and pushing us to work the best of our ability and guide us to new routes that can be taken.


Achievement to me means self pride and love for one's own work; that idea of reaching a goal. I think BGHS helps to support the achievement of all the students with a wide range of extra curricular activities and rewarding those who deserve it.


When you do something that was very hard and it takes forever to do but you don't give up and in the end you have finally done it. 

I feel that the school makes us follow our dreams that we want to achieve and do the best that we can and I think that really helps me in my learning and adapting my work.


Achievement means that you push yourself that extra mile to do something amazing that you wouldn't normally do.


A thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage.


To me, achievement means moving ahead and being proud of what I've done.


Achievement is something that you've worked hard for and you earned.


Accomplishing something and succeeding in getting better. 

I think BGHS helps students in improving not only their work but themselves too. We all have insecurities and doubts and sometimes you might feel as if you're stuck unable to move forward. But this school and its teachers ensure that students feel more confident and help get them to where they need to be. That is why students are then rewarded with progress and success because they had that support.


Achievement is overcoming the challenges that come your way and succeeding in them. 

BGHS helps to support achievement by celebrating what students are successful in.


It means accomplishing a goal or a target that you have been trying to achieve. 

I feel that BGHS helps students in a positive way to achieve their goals and in a way that it is easy for everyone to do it.


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