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Every Opportunity for Excellence
Batley Girls High School home page
Every Opportunity for Excellence

What does Transformation mean to me?

Maturing and becoming a better person for yourself and those around you.


Transformation is change, when someone sees that they want to change their behaviour, in their way of learning and when someone wants to improve and progress. 

I think BGHS helps to support a culture of transformation by providing extra opportunities, which allow students to have that second chance and improve, and by supporting and helping students progress.


Transformation for me is adopting new habits as per the circumstances or trying out something new.


Transformation to me means opening up. Trying new things and becoming a better person. 


Transformation to me means to be able to learn from your mistakes and grow to be better. 


Transforming your character, being the best version of yourself possible.


Transformation means when you change something that has potential, into something amazing and extraordinary. 

School helps us transform by pushing us to our full potential even, over our full potential. School challenges us.


Changing for the better, finding hidden talents and learning new things.


Transformation is the ability to develop and enables us to acquire new skills and step out of your comfort zone to help you reach your full potential. 


Transformation is the process of becoming the person you will be tomorrow. Transformation is not defined by just changing the outer appearance; it's about changing the inner doubts and worries and weakness to hope and strength. 

BGHS gives me the strength to say I will succeed and become what I've always wanted to be.


Transformation is changing for the better, which school helps by allowing us different opportunities and  broadening our horizons.


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