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Batley Girls’ High School is part of Batley Multi Academy Trust, company number 7732537, a Company incorporated as private limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales and an exempt Charity. Registered Office Windmill Lane, Batley, WF17 0LD. Telephone: 01924 350080.

Specific contact with staff 

Each year group has as assigned Pastoral Manager.  These key members of staff are ideal points of contact for any specific discussions or questions.  Please ask for them by name when telephoning, or use the email addresses below, (remove the spaces in the address). For the academic year 2017/18, these Pastoral Managers are shown below:

Year 7: Claire Spiller ( cspiller @ )

Year 8: Jan Benson ( jbenson @ )

Year 9: Debbie Sykes ( dsykes @ )

Year 10: Emma McShane ( emcshane @ )

Year 11: Chloe Firth ( cfirth @ )

Sixth Form: Sameeha Akudi ( sakudi @ )